I forgot how this thing worked.. We’re supposed to write stuff and then wade through the tons of SPAM that gets posted to look for some validation that real people are reading this right? Well F**k that, F**k you spammers.. Bot and real people included! Of course we can’t ever enjoy technological advances, someone has to find a way to exploit it and make it suck.. Viruses, Adware, Spam, Hackers, Identity thieves, and more! You suck! If you want my information and to F**k with my shit just come here in person and try to get as much out of my computer before I break your fingers! So in conclusion, if you are a for realz person that listens to the podcast and doesn’t want to crash our website or sell me Penis enlargement pills then say Hi! Let us know you exist, and that you read this crap! – Havoc3r59da


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