There is Nothing Wrong With Your TV Set, but There is Something Wrong With You

“I just don’t understand what is wrong with kids these days!”

I am certain you have heard this exasperated statement from the 50+ crowd or have even said it yourself from time to time. I hear it quite often from my 65 year-old boss and much of the older clientele that frequent my place of employment. Given that my place of employment is situated in Backwaterozarks, Alberta, I see a lot of farmers and old-timers coming through the front (and sometimes the back) door.

When the conversation turns to “kids these days”, I seem to find myself smirking and shaking my head. Personally, I do not understand why the older crowd cannot see that they are the ones that caused kids to be they way they are today. I can relate to today’s kids on many levels as I often feel as if I was born a generation or two too early.

Too many parents treat their kids like pets – especially the power-tripping, super-ambitious (ambitchious, maybe…I am so patenting that term) career woman/hockey/soccer/dance/gymnastics mom who wants three kids before she is 35, a nanny to take care of them, plastic surgery to fix what the kids wrecked, a 5,000 square foot house, and some poor rig-pig that is never home to bother her to pay for all of it.

Oh, stop screaming at me. That stereotype will likely never read this. Everyone knows hair dye and collagen burn away cognitive thinking and reason.

To get back on track, I will reiterate: too many parents treat their kids like pets. Did you read my previous post on pets? If so, remember my assertion that pet ownership is simply slavery and put it in context with the “ownership” so many parents lay on their kids.

Now, before you start screaming at me again, let me clarify my thought process.

So many of us today seem to view having a child or three or more as an entitlement. Some unfortunates view it as an obligation. They go to college, get a career, get married, live in a crappy apartment, buy a dog, buy an enormous house, start a stupid blog, pop out a few kids, and somewhere between those kids being born and growing up and getting married as well, the parents finally clue in and realize that this family thing is actually really difficult.

Why is it that people do not seem to recognize the huge responsibility it is to bring a person into this world? It seems as if people think they can just bring a child into this world and that the child will just behave perfectly for them and do exactly what they are expected to do:

“You are MY child and you will do what I say, because I am your PARENT and that gives me exclusive right over your every waking decision!”

Meanwhile, the parent has no idea what the fuck they are doing and they hope to hell that no one tells the kid that nobody on this planet has any fucking idea as to what they are doing. So, the parent attempts to trick their self into believing that they own this child. They believe that their life is running just fine and that if the kid does just what they say and do, then the kid’s life will be just fine and the parent can breathe a big sigh of relief when the grandbabies start squirting out.

So, here we all are, squeezing out kids like toothpaste and not one of us has any real clue as to what life is all about. We go round and round and round on the proverbial hamster wheel. We charge around like zombies (I would say the cliche “like rats in a maze”, but that actually makes us sound intelligent) all closing our eyes to the fact that every single one of us will eventually die and that human-kind will eventually become extinct. We act like everything we do in our daily lives actually matters when, in fact, none of it does.

The people who actually do things that really matter tend to end up burnt out and dead before they are forty: e.g. Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus, etc.

And that is what is “wrong” with kids these days. Most of them realize that none of the shit we do matters. Face it, people, there is nothing wrong with these teen hippies and goths and punks – they have some genuine solutions to fixing this world’s “problems”. No, the rest of us are the ones who are no longer sane - if we ever were sane to begin with.

Want to know what is really wrong with that “A-D-D” kid? Nothing. He just cannot stand the crap that our society tries to feed him. He knows, deep down in his “soul”, that something is seriously wrong with our daily philosophy, but it is constantly shoved down his throat and when he rebels against it, he is given a pill to “fix” him because mommy and daddy are just too tired to deal with the real him because they cannot face their own true self that is repressed and mashed down inside of them.

Why else do you think your Twitter feed is so full of “Look at ME!” posts?

That is how we “own” our children – by forcing them to be just as fucked up as we are. By forcing them to believe that this society is “just fine”. By forcing them into fucked up relationships and turning them into breeding cattle for the next generation(s). Oh sure, we tell them that they are “special” and that they can live whatever kind of life they want…and then the kid actually does it by announcing they are gay or vegetarian or running away to Burma and the parents wail and have heart attacks, “We didn’t raise you to screw up your life like this!”

Ah, do not fear, mom and dad! History always repeats itself and party generations eventually give way to responsible (read: prudish) generations because kids get sick of how repressed and unenlightened their parents are. Just read a little Greek and Roman history and you will see the pattern.

…to be continued…


I rant about stuff in an attempt to make people think differently about the world around them.