The Webmaster Speaks…er…Writes

I have been told that it is rude to enter a room and start yelling at people, so I suppose that an introduction of sorts would be in order.

I am Mark, the Death by Foui webmaster.

Ha! Webmaster. There’s an ego (and cock) rubbing title if there ever was one.

At certain times I may come across as angry, rude, controversial, arrogant and possibly even somewhat erotically homosexual. Frankly, I probably would be homosexual if I found men even slightly attractive. Okay, Heath Ledger was attractive, but he’s dead so my gay crush is now either non-existent, taking long horseback rides with Jesus, or is Satan’s bitch in hell.

My point is, I am simply in touch with my feminine side. I also like to touch my feminine side.

As you can see, I get sidetracked easily. Thus, these blogs may end up coming fast and furious (hmmm, I guess Vin Diesel is kind of attractive too) or simply wind up as another black-hole on the internet – something that sucks up a lot of time and energy and produces nothing useful.

At other times I may come across completely different: sweet, cajoling, gentle, moderate, reasonable, and still erotically sexy.

I am often a roller-coaster of emotion and I wear my emotions on my proverbial sleeves. Does this make me unstable?

Frankly, I think we are all unstable. We are all insane and our society is insane. As Foui says, “Stop thinking this is real. It’s not.”

I have a purpose for my blog posts:

First, Foui and Havoc asked me if I would like to start a blog. If it helps them in any possible fashion, I am up for that. If it gives them material to tear apart for the podcast, I am completely down with that.

Second, I need an outlet for my frustration and anger and arrogance and sadness and love and deep emotion and controversial opinions. Sometimes, I post them on Facebook and my friends click “Ignore Post” thinking I have just gone off the deep-end again. Most often, I hold everything in until it builds up so much that I ejacu…er…explode everywhere. So, just consider this blog as verbiage/verbage masturbation and you will get the idea; this may merely be a way for me to vent and prevent my emotional balls from staying blue.

That is the up, down, in, out and ejaculation of the matter. I think I need a cigarette now.

If you have any desire to read my rants and social deconstructions, read whatever posts I post following this post. If you simply do not give a shit, get off the fucking computer and go do something useful with your day instead of reading stupid blogs written by self-important, narcissistic twats.

I am Mark, the DBFWebmaster.  This is my alter-ego, my outlet for the insanity that whirls around in my brain.


I rant about stuff in an attempt to make people think differently about the world around them.