WTF is a Blog anyway?

Ok, yes I realize the term is short for Web Log… Which was obviously way too long to survive in today’s world of ur, lol, brb, rofl, and all the other bastardized contractions that seem to dominate written language these days. So it’s a web log, a space out there in the world for you to write stuff and have people read it. Not a terrible idea, I’ve found informative and interesting psych blogs, nerd blogs etc… Overall though, what’s the purpose? If you are an expert and have something to contribute to society or something useful to pass on fantastic! If you live a relatively insignificant life, lack formal education, burst with discriminatory opinions, or just lak the ablilty to mak sur werdsz R spelt rit, then perhaps you don’t need to share… It wasn’t that long ago that having something published was not an easy task, every idiot with a smart phone couldn’t force their thoughts into the world the second they popped into their pin-heads, you had to put effort into it and steps had to be made to put it out there. So now we have blogs, and everyone can shovel there ideas out into the world. It’s like dumping our cerebral chamber pots out into the streets for everyone to step in. So I’m writing a blog about blogs, maybe it’s truly ironic, or maybe just Alanis Morissette ironic… I don’t know, I’m a Psych major not and English major. The whole point is, the world is getting dumber purely by the fact that stupidity is no longer confined to just someones home, or friends. Now they can spread that stupidity and even have networks of blogs all sharing common bonds, so I want in. I have a chance to contribute to the inane ramblings, and I can look at other blogs and feel like a genius just because I know which witch is which and the difference between too, to, and two… – Havoc


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